The Fast and Furious Fort Myers Beach

  • The Fast and Furious Fort Myers Beach
January 09, 2016
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Lounging by the pool, laying in the sand and gentle walks across the pristine sugary sands of Fort Myers Beach never seems to get old. The gentle sway of a palm tree and the quiet whisper of the gulf air are almost enough to lull you into an eternal summertime sleep….

Why not insert a jolt of energy, a blast of electric fun into your slumbering getaway by the sea? Fort Myers Beach plays host to a number of adrenaline inducing activities, perfect for making your beach vacation one you will never forget.

Zip around the edge of the gulf and in the back bays of the surrounding channels for more than a gust of wind through your hair. Ride a jet ski across the glimmering waters and swim alongside dolphins playing in your wake. Keep an eye out for many of our native birds that you will likely see catching their next meal or sunning themselves in the Floridian sunshine. Contact Holiday Water Sports or All Island Watersports, hourly rates apply to rentals and all drivers must have valid driving identification.

Looking for a thrill, minus the motor? Consider flying to new heights and go parasailing. Find yourself up with the birds and clouds underneath a parachute, cruising along the coast of Fort Myers Beach. Parasailing provides its riders a unique perspective on our little beach town and is truly perfect for all ages, we encourage all to give it a try! If you would like to parasail, we recommend contacting our community’s oldest and most trusted parasailing charter company, Paradise Parasail.

From the slow to the fast, Fort Myers Beach has activities for everyone, thrill seeking or not. Our staff is more than happy to guide you towards any activity or attraction you may be interested in, please visit us at the front desk, or give us a call at (239) 463-9193.

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