Limes – A treasure for flavor and health

  • Limes – A treasure for flavor and health
July 31, 2014
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Limes love Florida’s sunny climate. They can be found in Fort Myers Beach near Beach Shell Inn. The trees are in a constant state of growth all season long. That’s why you’ll see a tree with flowers, young fruit and mature fruit hanging on the plant at the same time. Lime trees typically grow 20 feet tall. They can be enjoyed in Key lime pie, lime sorbet, drinks, candy and in sauces used over fish, chicken and vegetables.

Limes are wonderful for your health. They contain fiber, vitamin c, thiamin, folate, vitamin B6 and minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium and copper.

They are also considered a diabetes super food. The high levels of soluble fiber in limes help to regulate the body’s absorption of sugar into the blood stream. This helps to reduce sugar spikes. This fiber also helps fight heart disease because it eliminates LDL (bad cholesterol) and brings down inflammation of blood vessels.

The acid in limes help in digestion by breaking down food. The fiber helps to quell constipation.

Limes aid in skin health by brightening the complexion, healing bruising and protecting the skin from infections.

Limes can also help in weight loss. They are a wonderful fat burner and an excellent anti-oxidant.

Here is recipe for a thirst quenching limeade to enjoy while on your vacation at Beach Shell Inn. It is perfect for enjoying at our vacation rental or strolling the beach on the Gulf of Mexico.Limes_whole_and_halved

Beach Shell Inn Limeade

Total Time: 10 minutes. Makes 1 jug limeade 8-10 cups.

· 1 cup freshly squeezed lime juice* (about 5 medium to large limes)
· 7-8 cups water
· 1 cup white sugar (or more to taste)
· Optional: ice cubes / fresh fruit garnish
1. Squeeze the limes to make 1 cup lime juice, by hand (slicing the limes into wedges and squeezing them), or by using a citrus juicer/press. Remove any small seeds you find.
2. Pour the lime juice into a large jug, and add 7 cups water.
3. Add the sugar and stir until dissolved.
Taste-test the lime water, adding more sugar if you prefer it sweeter, or more water if you find the taste too strong. Set jug in the refrigerator to chill until cold

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