Fishing on Fort Myers Beach

  • Fishing on Fort Myers Beach
July 25, 2016
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It can very well be said that Fort Myers Beach was settled first and foremost by the fishing industry. The first inhabitants, the Calusa Indians who had control of South Florida for centuries certainly lived off the riches of the sea, as evidenced by the large shell mounds in our area.  Fishing and diving for shells was a way of life and they received the mainstay of their nutrition from what they could gather from the Gulf. When the Spanish conquistadors moved in and eventually wrested control from the Indians, they too looked to the fishing industry to provide food for themselves. As the English took over, the Cubans were establishing seasonal fishing villages which were called Ranchos in our area, this included Fort Myers Beach. They developed a trade between the Creek Indians and Cuba. By 1845 as Florida became part of the United States these Rancheros stayed on and eventually blended into the new influx of settlers.  One hundred years later with the development of “Pink Gold” aka the Shrimping business, Fort Myers Beach again rejuvenated itself through the fishing industry bringing industry and population into the area.

Today, as guests of Beach Shell Inn you can enjoy this long heritage by grabbing a pole and heading to our beautiful beach to enjoy hours of angling fun. With grouper, shark, redfish, pompano and sea trout to just name a few you will certainly pull in something either for sport or something special for your dinner table that night.

For the more serious angler there are any number of fantastic charters and tours available on our island for some off shore fishing with experienced captains that will take you to the places where the fish are bound to jump. Among them there is Good Time Charters, an award winning tour group who will take you and your family out with great captains and they will even clean your fresh catch for you at the end of the outing.

Others would include Fish Southwest Florida and Adventures in Paradise who can guarantee a fun day on the water with tailor made tours to match your dream of fishing in paradise!

However you like, from our beach to the famous fishing pier at Times Square or with one of the innumerable fishing tours and captains on open waters, Fort Myers Beach guarantees angling adventure for you and your family with memories to last a lifetime.


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