Beach Shell Inn: The Ultimate Destination for Shell Lovers

  • Beach Shell Inn: The Ultimate Destination for Shell Lovers
February 10, 2015
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Everyone knows that shells litter the seashore—but we love them so much, we of course had to pay homage to these natural beauties when naming our Inn.

Fort Myers Beach and the surrounding areas of beautiful Southwest Florida provide some of the best beaches and parks to stoop around and collect shells.

Our position near a continental shelf, along with our close proximity to the Gulf Stream, as well as the Caribbean islands, has provided the area with the ideal environment for shells to wash up and collect on our regions gorgeous sandy shores.

It is not uncommon for many visitors to awake at daybreak and comb over the sand for the days first and best pick of thousands of new shells. Many colors, shapes and sizes of shells arrive fully intact and ready for picking.

A few of the most popular and common variety of shells include corkscrew-shaped augers, sand dollars, banded tulips, horse conchs, calico scallops, starfish, and the rare lion’s paw and Junonia shells.

There are a few beaches in the area that are well known for their large variety of beautiful shells, one is just steps from our fantastic accommodations at Beach Shell Inn. Stroll along Fort Myers Beach for easy, breezy shelling. The numerous souvenirs you can take home will most definitely not disappoint you.

For the more serious sheller, book a shelling cruise with Good Time Charters. Located just a short drive down Estero Blvd., you will hop aboard a comfortable pontoon style boat and be whisked away to some of the most remote and pristine shelling beaches in the area. Their fantastic guides will also be able to teach you about the local ecosystems as well as assist you in identifying shells.

Your time on Fort Myers Beach is sure to be fantastic, and taking home a few natural souvenirs are sure to remind you of your time with us once you get home.

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