Beach Shell Inn: The 5 Best Songs To Listen To While Lounging Next To Our Pool

  • Beach Shell Inn: The 5 Best Songs To Listen To While Lounging Next To Our Pool
November 13, 2014
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Every vacation needs its own soundtrack, and your stay at Beach Shell Inn is no exception! So hit the deck, grab a lounge chair, sunscreen and some headphones. Press play and let go.

To begin the countdown, we’re going to start slow and pick a tune that takes you back to the day when times were simpler and life seemed slower.

  1. Surfer Girl,” The Beach Boys (1963)

Whether you were young in 1963, or not yet born, this doo-wop tune is sure to transport you back to the times of yesteryear. Sway to the breeze with this airy tune and remember your first summer fling.

A tune that everyone knows, the singsong tune up next is sure to get you into that ocean-side spirit.

  1. Summer Nights,” John Travolta and Olivia Newton John (1978)

This longtime favorite has yet to get old! The classic, upbeat summertime show tune is perfect to hum along to poolside, because I bet you know all the words!

Bringing your playlist into the new millennium, we had to add one of the biggest hits of the past decade for it’s summertime flair.

  1. California Gurls,” Katy Perry, feat. Snoop Dogg (2010)

This bubblegum pop hits the sweet spot of poolside hits! With its catchy chorus and summer-centric lyrics complete references to sun and sand, you are sure to feel embraced in a tropical mood as the song ends.

The summertime hit of 2013, this funky tune is sure to (almost) get you out of your lounge chair and dancing across the pool deck.

  1. Get Lucky,” Daft Punk (2013)

Reminiscent of songs from the 1970s, this award-winning electro song has the ability to get anyone to their feet and in a groovy mood.

To wind down the countdown and the day, keep your headphones in and walk out to the beach and watch the sunset.

  1. Island in the Sun,” Weezer (2001)

This laid back tune will set the tone for the end of the day with its wishful lyrics and easy melody. Watch the sun go down without a care in the world.

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